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Kingdom of Nardon - Infographic by Panzerbyte Kingdom of Nardon - Infographic :iconpanzerbyte:Panzerbyte 14 6 War Thunder | SMK does not fit in my bike rack by Panzerbyte War Thunder | SMK does not fit in my bike rack :iconpanzerbyte:Panzerbyte 3 11 The Holy State of Azan by Panzerbyte The Holy State of Azan :iconpanzerbyte:Panzerbyte 11 2 Spire of the Seated Lord by Panzerbyte Spire of the Seated Lord :iconpanzerbyte:Panzerbyte 11 2 EVE Online | Procurer Mining by Panzerbyte EVE Online | Procurer Mining :iconpanzerbyte:Panzerbyte 10 0 GTA Online - Sinister CEO by Panzerbyte GTA Online - Sinister CEO :iconpanzerbyte:Panzerbyte 3 0 War Thunder | IS-1 on its way by Panzerbyte War Thunder | IS-1 on its way :iconpanzerbyte:Panzerbyte 8 17 Peltast - security system UI concept by Panzerbyte Peltast - security system UI concept :iconpanzerbyte:Panzerbyte 3 3 War Thunder - Panzerwerfer 42 in the snow by Panzerbyte War Thunder - Panzerwerfer 42 in the snow :iconpanzerbyte:Panzerbyte 12 4 A.C. Char C10 by Panzerbyte A.C. Char C10 :iconpanzerbyte:Panzerbyte 23 30 Vestor Eridon II by Panzerbyte Vestor Eridon II :iconpanzerbyte:Panzerbyte 6 10 The Afflicted Seeder by Panzerbyte The Afflicted Seeder :iconpanzerbyte:Panzerbyte 6 3 A.C. Char C6-C by Panzerbyte A.C. Char C6-C :iconpanzerbyte:Panzerbyte 14 9 A.C. Char C6 (r) by Panzerbyte A.C. Char C6 (r) :iconpanzerbyte:Panzerbyte 20 10 Azande Liberation Front (ALF)(1975 - ) by Panzerbyte Azande Liberation Front (ALF)(1975 - ) :iconpanzerbyte:Panzerbyte 5 7
Last Vestor of the Old
A grim day for the citizens and nobles of Vest, now that their lord is no longer.
Leaving no heir that can ascend the throne in your place after your death could cause everything to change, and the people know, the overall mood is tense.
But for now, the streets fill with commoners to witness the rare passing of a sovereign.
Vestor1 Eridon II, closing his eyes for good on the age of 72.
As the large doors of the Vetrias Church opened and allowed for a delicate ray of light to illuminate the gray, depressing floor to truly announce the death of a greatness, all the nobles, advisors, military officers and members of the royal family, went serenely quiet.
Ten strongly build men on each side, ceremonially clothed to carry the coffin towards the altar, marched forward. Their armor, highly aesthetic as it was covered with swirls made of gold, that glowed like blonde hair on a summer day, thanks to the sun kissing the pure precious metal that was forged with great craftsmanship in Kost
:iconpanzerbyte:Panzerbyte 2 4


What strikes me immediately are the anatomically correct features of the cute bunny, such as the veins through the ear. The technique t...




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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Aspiring historian, avid reader, and novice writer, inefficient programmer, zealous graphics designer.
I am an infinite creator.


War Thunder | SMK does not fit in my bike rack
Bought myself a Soviet SMK heavy tank.
The two turrets; top one 76 mm L-11, lower one 45 mm 20-K, are quite good for finishing off someone quickly.
In terms of speed, it is even quite mobile so that I may spread the SMK faith on the end of the map where the other reds are.
The Holy State of Azan
This nation is a project for the Thin Red Line group.

The primarily shamanistic Azanite nomads decided upon being governed by a Grand Vizier in the summer of 1484, and settled on the eastern coastal area in 1519.
Officially, the Holy State of Azan was found on 20 May 1535.

The religion of the Holy State of Azan is Yengiinism.
A way of life and ideology that has been formed like that for hundreds of years since the Azanite's relatively primitive shamanistic existence. Freedom of religion is guaranteed - but other religious practices must above all else respect and honor Yengiinism. Being a relatively peaceful religion, Azan evolved its laws into safeguarding itself and Yengiinism from many other influences, but the sacred texts do not allow one to attack out of self-gain. Therefor, penalties for disgracing or attempting to dismantle Yengiinism or the Holy State shall be extreme.

Not only is the Grand Vizier the head of the Holy State of Azan, He is also the main spiritual guide of Yengiinism, but not the spiritual head - for that is the Heavens.
The Grand Vizier acts as a mediator between the Heavens and physical Kingdoms, and a guide for the Yengiin.

Today, it is primarily a tradition or philosophy, that almost every citizen applies to his daily life - be it as a work ethic, way of governing or school of thought.
But Azan counts also tens of thousands of devout monks that zealously practice Yengiinism in secluded holy pagodas, which forms the non-administrative clergy of the Yengiin faith.
Spire of the Seated Lord
This magnificent construct was commissioned by the pious Archbishop Jan II of Heimond, in order to reserve his place in the Heavens and be forgiven for all the bloodshed he caused during the Second Diocese Conflict of 601-2 AV, and was completed on 656 AV.
It was heavily fortified on the outside, and beautifully adorned with gold on the inside, which also housed the new Cathedral of the Seated Lord.
Causing a lot of envy and a perceived lowered status for Vestor1 Tastos 'the Free'. After Archbishop Jan II declined the Vestor's demand to decommission it, the monarch in the city Vest sent a party of 3,500 men under the command of Duke Vinitriy of Begrad to take it down by force and siege it 'until there is no stone left to pulverize'.

1 Vestor was the royal title of the sovereign monarch of Vest, equivalent to that of King.
After nearly a year of planning, I have finally finished up all prerequisites for me to leave for the Philippines!
I'll be flying over there in 2 days, to try and start a new abundant life.
That is why I am not going to be very active this coming month.
Until then!


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CommodoreHorton Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017

I just wanted to make sure you were in the loop on things--GFA was stillborn due to leadership issues but the group has restarted under better conditions as thin-red-line ( if you're interested.
Panzerbyte Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm really out of the loop in general, as I do not know what this is about.
CommodoreHorton Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2017
Well, the old group I invited you into was kind of stillborn, but in theory it was going to be a collaborative plotline RP group set in the 1930s-40s as a nationstate sort of simulator; however the group was very troubled by poor leadership and reorganized with new-administration as thin-red-line. If you're interested, you should take a look at it.
Panzerbyte Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright, thank you for clearing that up for me.
That actually sounds like fun again - I've got a couple of ideas for a minor nation that would be a great addition between all the hulking giants.
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Comradesoldat Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the Watch
Panzerbyte Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Didn't actually realize that you were watching me, my apologies!
Comradesoldat Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
It's No problem. :)
TheMakoHighlander Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Cheers for the watch! I see you play GTA 5, PC?
Panzerbyte Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Likewise, thank you as well.
Yeah, not that much anymore. Do you?
TheMakoHighlander Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Aye, though I neglected it for a bit because there was nobody to play it with.
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